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Domain Property Report – Must Read Before Investing in Real Estate

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What is the Domain Property Report

If you are interested in purchasing a residential home or investment property and you would like to be armed with accurate facts and figures, the Domain property report will assist with your purchase decision.

Free, Now, and in Private

The Property Report Domain & Domain Home Price Guide are free property reports on any address in Australia. In this report, you will find attributes, key features, land size, property dimensions, a legal description, sale price history, rental history, a local sales history, a local rent history, the market trends of the area, local market activity, local government information, median prices, real estate market data, and demographics.

Where does all this information come from for the Domain Property Report?

Australian Property Monitors are providing the data for the Domain Property report. Domain analyses information from the official government address list; and property sales information and data from government and real estate agents in Australia. The data forms part of the Government’s public record of sales history for the region, coming from the Land Titles Office. The information is lawfully collected and publicly available. It is updated every half hour.

Who offers these reports?

Lending institutions and others are offering these free property reports rebranded as, the Property Report NAB, ANZ Property Report, Westpac Property Report, and Commbank Property Report.

If you are looking for an alternative option, check out, Property Value, they also offer comprehensive free property reports with data provided by RP Data/ Core logic.

For what property can you order reports?

Residential property only, however, you can order a report for a property that was purchased as vacant land which provides the original land sale price, however, data relating to the cost of the house construction will not be available.

After reading the Domain Property report, you will be in a better position when making an offer on a property or entering into a contract.

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