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Investn’s unique co-investment approach has again attracted media attention, with leading investor publication, Australian Property Investor Magazine, profiling the model.

Investn’s Co-Investment Approach

Citing recent changes to government incentives, this feature highlights how Investn can help first-time buyers get into the property market. As we provide the 10% deposit, we allow investors to get started with as little as $15,000 – $20,000. Despite the smaller outlay, they are still listed on title documents and receive 90% of the rental income and capital growth.

Importantly, we also support our co-investors throughout their investment journey. From guiding you through picking the best opportunities to planning your future investments, we can help you with it all. We can also work with you to arrange finance through our in-house loan writers and property management by independent rental professionals.

The Australian Property Investor Magazine article also makes particular reference to the growing investor trend. Investn’s model is ideally suited to this approach, allowing you to live where you love while capitalizing on key growth corridors. Then, once you have built your investment portfolio, you can use this to help you buy in your preferred location.

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